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Covenants Committee Members Needed!!

Covenants Committee Members Needed!!

Covenants Committee Members Needed!!

Perrywood Community Association has an opening on the Covenants Committee! This is your chance to assist the Board of Directors in monitoring and enforcing compliance by owners and residents of the Community. This year, there are a few positions on the Covenants Committee open, and you could be one of them!

There are many good reasons for joining the Covenants Committee, including:

  • Protecting your property values
  • Addressing issues in the community
  • Meeting neighbors
  • Most importantly, establishing “Perrywood Pride” in all homeowners.

The Committee hosts phone and email conversations regularly, although the physical meeting commitment is only once a month, there is always something more to do that would be appreciated, including:

  • Training on CiraNet software, so your involvement can be virtual and seamless!
  • Commitment to Committee meetings, which typically take place the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm, in the Management Rotunda to review architectural applications and violations throughout the Community (Hearings).
  • The term for this position is 3 years.

If you are interested, please contact perrywoodcovenants@gocampmgmt.com. We are hoping to have interested candidates contact us as soon as possible! Please submit a few sentences telling us about yourself and why you would like to join the Committee.