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Who supplies power to the community and what do I do if the power goes out?

If the power goes out please contact, PEPCO. Do not assume the outage has already been reported.

The Association has no control over the power company’s actions. You may express your concerns to the company directly or to the Maryland Consumer Protection Division.

Who supplies water to the community?

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, known as WSSC, supplies water and sewer services to the community.

The Association has no control over WSSC. You may express your concerns to WSSC directly or to Maryland Consumer Protection Division.

What kind of Amenities does Perrywood have?

1 swimming pool up to 5ft and 1 “kiddie” pool, 6 tot lots, 6 basketball courts, 6 tennis courts, 1 football field, 1 baseball field and 1 soccer field.

May fireworks be used in the community?


Use of any fireworks is expressly prohibited on any part of Perrywood. Prince George’s County prohibits the use of fireworks from sparklers up to ground display. All consumer fireworks are not permitted in Prince George’s County.

What do I do if I see a pothole?

Please get in touch with the Prince George’s County of Public Works through County Click (3-1-1), non-local call 301-883-4748. They are available Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM.  Or you could go through www.countyclick311.com and fill out an electronic service request. If you have difficulty submitting an electronic request, you could email CountyClick311@co.pg.md.us with your request.

Who do I call if my trash is not picked up?

For garbage, please contact Bates Trash at 301-773-2069 to submit a request for missed trash.

For Yard Waste/Bulky Trash Contact County Click 3-1-1 at 301-883-4748 or www.countyclick311.com to schedule re-pickup and updates regarding delays. Weekly curbside collection of yard trim/waste is collected year-round on Mondays only. Yard Waste includes grass clipping, leaves, small branches, brush and Christmas Trees.

If you have a more urgent need to have your trash removed there is a convenience center located on White House Road. Please visit their website for list of acceptable disposable items https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/612/Disposal.

If bulk trash pickup is inconvenient. There is a landfill where county residents for disposal of larger items located on White House road. Please visit their website for details of acceptable items and fees (if any apply) https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/612/Disposal.

Is there assigned parking in the community?


Assigned parking spaces are for the non-garaged townhomes in Perrywood. Those spaces are numbered.

Can you rent/reserve the pool for private use?

No, for both questions.

Is there a clubhouse in Perrywood?

Perrywood does not have a community clubhouse.

Does Perrywood have any common areas for private use (ie: birthday parties, picnics and etc.)?

Unfortunately, no. There are no common areas available for private use in Perrywood. We have activity fields, football, baseball and soccer. There are no undesignated spaces.

What is an Association?

A community Association as defined by CAI, Community Associations Institute, is a legal entity in which the owners enjoy the protection, enhancement, maintenance and preservation of their homes and property.  The primary purpose of a community association is to provide for the governance, business and communal aspects of the Association. Membership to the association is mandatory and automatic for all homeowners. Mandatory lien-based fess (Assessments)  are levied to each owner in order to operate and maintain proper management and maintenance of the community. This is to include, management and preservation of amenities such as pool, tot lots, and recreational places, snow removal, landscaping and more which is outlined in the budget meeting each year. The approved budget will be in the Owner’s Only Section of the website as well as the Management Company’s “Resident Documents” section.   

Does Perrywood recommend or have a list of vendors for home repair?

Unfortunately, the Association does not have a list of preferred vendors for repair. However, Prince George’s County has a website with reputable vendors with a plethora of designations.  The web address below will take you to the supplier directory for Prince George’s County. Please note that this site is updated weekly so there are tons of vendors, both large and small companies, that you can give a try!


My friend/family is coming to visit me, where can they park?

In the Single Family Section of Perrywood, visitors are asked to park in the visiting parties driveways or garages. In the Townhome section of Perrywood, visitor spaces are “marked” within each section. Visitors are allotted 72-hrs in visitors spaces, those spaces are “first come, first served”. For visitors who may need to stay for additional time please reach out to Management to request a waiver. Visitors or Homeowners who may have “overflow” may park on Water Fowl Way or Whistling Duck Drive. On both streets, please be mindful not to block ingress or egress to neighboring streets, mailboxes, driveways or  the yellow no-park zones. Please Reference Perrywood’s Vehicle Resolution Policy in Perrywood’s Rules and Regulations for more about the Perrywood’s Parking polices and procedures, which is available in the Owner Only Section. (Hard copies are available in the Rotunda Management Office located at 13200 trumpeter Swan Court Upper Marlboro, MD 20774).