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PGCLitterTRAK Smartphone App

PGCLitterTRAK Smartphone App

PGCLitterTRAK Smartphone App

The Perrywood Board of Directors would like to share the following information with you for informational purposes only.

PGCLitterTRAK is a smartphone application, developed by the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment (DoE), designed to assist County residents, community organizations and businesses report trash and debris collected during individual and group clean-up events.

Information submitted through PGCLitterTRAK including bags of litter removed, items collected and litter pick-up locations will assist DoE meet their trash reduction rate of 170,628 pounds per year within the Anacostia River Watershed. Data provided will also help DoE develop real-time maps cataloging litter collected throughout the County. 

This easy smartphone app will take you through a series of questions that will allow us to collect data on your contribution towards a cleaner, greener Prince George’s County.

The PGCLitterTRAK map provides information on litter collection sites in Prince George’s County.

The PGCLitterTRAK app is available by registration through the PGCLitterTRAK User Sign Up Form


PGCLitterTRAK User Manual

 View and download the PGCLitterTRAK User Manual, which provides helpful information and tips for successful use of the app!